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Name: Serethiel (meaning ‘Peace’)

Species: Elf

Gender: Female

Born: February TA 2460 in Lindon

Parents: Father-Thalion, Mother-Authiel; both perished in September TA 2460 during an Orc attack while traveling to Rivendell with Serethiel.

Appearance: Serethiel has long, dark brown hair that reaches the middle of her back and elven blue eyes. Her ivory skin is blemished with several scars that she tries to keep hidden. She wears male human style clothing consisting of a simple cream colored shirt, forest green sleeveless jerkin, dark brown duster or wool cloak, riding trousers, and tall, soft leather elven boots. Her hair is always braided down her back. She carries with her a bow, quiver, and two long daggers.

Personality: Serethiel was quite a carefree and spirited child while growing up in Rivendell. However, after the Orc attack she became angry and restless. She is now more reserved and somewhat untrusting towards those she does not know. Those that are closest to her, however, she is fiercely protective of. She can be stubborn and has an independent spirit. She has sought out revenge for what happened and has tried to regain a sense of who she is.

Brief History: Serethiel was born within the seaside country of Lindon in February of TA 2460. Just after she was born her mother and father joined a small group of elves who were migrating to Rivendell. The group was attacked by a large group of Orcs just outside of Rivendell. Both of her parents were killed in the attack but Serethiel survived because of her mother who had managed to hide the infant among some brush before she died from her wounds. The cries of the infant caught the attention of a group of Rivendell elves who came to investigate the effects of the attack. Serethiel was brought to Rivendell and taken into the loving care of Celebrian, the wife of Lord Elrond. She enjoyed being outdoors horse back riding and especially enjoyed being near water. She also enjoyed reading and learning about different lands and cultures and often spent hours in the Rivendell library. She was doted on by Celebrian who enjoyed having a young one back in the house.

In the year TA 2509 Celebrian agreed to take Serethiel with her on a trip to her homeland of Lothlorien but the pair were attacked by Orcs in the Redhorn pass on Caradhras in the Misty Mountains. The pair were captured and tormented before being rescued by Celebrian’s twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir. They were healed from their physical wounds by Lord Elrond but their emotional wounds remained and Serethiel was changed forever. When Celebrian, who had become like a second mother to her, finally left Middle Earth the following year Serethiel’s full anger surfaced. She asked Elladan and Elrohir to train her secretly in arms and over a period of time she began to learn to use a bow and long daggers. This time spent with the twins drew her very close to them and they became a small comfort to her.

In the year TA 2575 when Serethiel was 115 years old Lord Elrond discovered that Elladan and Elrohir had been training Serethiel secretly in arms. Lord Elrond firmly believed that only males should bear arms and because Serethiel had broken his law by learning to use weaponry he exiled her from Rivendell, agreeing, at his sons’ request, to only let her back if she were badly injured.  The twins gave Serethiel a bow and quiver and two long daggers before she left the only home she had ever known.

Serethiel began to travel all over Middle Earth. She journeyed over the Misty Mountains into Lothlorien and then into Mirkwood before traveling down into Fangorn Forest. She then made her way into Rohan and spent some time among the men there. After a period of time she made her way through the Gap of Rohan into Gondor. She spent many years in Gondor before making her way more north. She traveled through the Shire and the Hobbits thought it was such a sight to see a female elf dressed in men’s clothing that she was talked about for many years after she left. After leaving the Shire, Serethiel made her way West to Lindon, the place of her birth. After some time she left Lindon and began to make her way north before turning back to the east.

It was near Rivendell in the Trollshaws in the year TA 2951 that Serethiel came across a group of Orcs. Serethiel had developed a hatred of Orcs and had killed any that she had come across during her exile from Rivendell. Serethiel attacked the Orcs and killed them all but during the attack she was stabbed in the side by one of the Orc’s blades. She attempted to bandage the wound on her own but she knew that without proper healing that she may not survive. She managed to get to Rivendell where she was found by Elrohir and brought in to see Lord Elrond. Lord Elrond kept his promise and healed Serethiel’s wound. He agreed to let her stay for several weeks while she recovered. It was during this time that Serethiel met Aragorn. Two years later in the year TA 2953 Aragorn left Rivendell for Rohan and Gondor and along the way he found Serethiel. Serethiel agreed to go with Aragorn and served him when he became the sixteenth chieftain of the Dúnedain.

Years later the One Ring was discovered and the Fellowship was formed to escort Frodo to Mordor in order to destroy it. Because of her exile, Serethiel was not allowed into Rivendell for the Council, but after the breaking of the Fellowship Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli came across her while traveling to Rohan. Aragorn asked Serethiel to go to Gondor to help protect the White City. Serethiel did as he requested and fought during the Battle of Pelennor Fields receiving only minor wounds. After Aragorn's coronation she remained in Gondor to help rebuild the city.


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