Umar's Warband

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Umar's Warband

Post by mysterymax on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:40 pm

Umar has thirteen Riders in his war band, sometimes called a lance. The lance is made of two squads of six men each and a second in command (lieutenant) to Umar. Each squad of six men is managed by a Sixer (corporal). His pennant color is green.

Aiken Oakfist [Lieutenant]

Roan Redbeard        [First Sixer]
Feran Longshanks [Rider]
Tanner the Bright [Rider]
Wyne Stalt [Rider]
Boden Silver Tongue [Rider]
Machin the Good [Rider]

Hamlin Smithson [Second Sixer]
Nyles Rushing        [Rider]
Judd Slack        [Rider]
Puttnam the Deep [Rider]
Dougal of Denby [Rider]
Kenton Rushing        [Rider]


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