Umar of Rohan

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Umar of Rohan

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Name: Umar Flintfield

Nicknames/Titles: Umar the Swift, Umar Ronukson

Race: Human, Rohirrim

Age: 27

Appearance: Six feet two inches tall, 185 pounds, long fair hair, blue eyes, tan skin, bearded, muscular and very fit

Personality: Brave warrior, confident leader of men, uncertain with women, loyal, honest, quick to anger

Place of Birth: West Emnet


Father:   Ronuk Sidrisson, horse breeder in West Emmet
Mother:  Melina Anyasdotter
Siblings: Deren, younger brother (22) &  Anya, younger sister (18)

Significant Relations: Good friends within Lance: Huthar Millbank, Jard Walken, Dabin Threse. Uncomfortable with women and no relationships other than one night stands with camp doxies


1. Deadly fighter with lance, long hafted axe and stabbing knife
2. Good with horses: Riding and caring for them
3. Strong code of honor
4. Intelligent and fairly quick witted
5. Good tracker


1. Not good at gauging deception
2. Easily mislead by appeal to honor
3. Tongue-tied around pretty women
4. Drinks heavily when he gets the chance
5. Overly proud and stiff necked

Hobbies/Interests: Whittles small toys from wood when in camp - usually whistles in the shape of various animals

1. Straight talking
2. Strong wine
3. Clear directions
4. Working with horses
5. Sleeping outside under the stars

1. Flirting women (more awkward than actually dislikes them!)
2. Unclear social situations
3. Liars, cheats, etc.
4. Magic – in any form – thinks it is unnatural and comes from the Enemy
5. Tight spaces – minor claustrophobia

History:  Born in Flintfield, a small steading on the prairies of West Emnet, Umar grew up as a horse rancher's boy. He learned to ride about the same time he learned to walk. He grew straight and tall. At one of the annual horse fairs when he was twelve years old or so, he entered a wrestling contest and won. From the audience a war leader from the Court of Eorl threw a purse of coins at his father and offered the boy a position in his band. Both men were honored and Umar became a Rider of Rohirrim on that day.

Umar did well as a raw recruit. His riding skills already a match for those much more experienced than he. He learned the use of the lance, the long hafted axe and the stabbing knife, and slowly worked his way up in the ranks of the riders. At this time his rank is the equivalent of a modern army Captain. He is unmarried, being somewhat uncomfortable around pretty women and un-attracted to any other kind.

D20 CHARACTER SHEET: Umar Flintfield, Rider of Rohan
Race: Human     Class: Fighter     Level: 5
Age: 27         Align: Lawful      Gender: Male
STR: 15    [+2]      Attack        Hit Points: 31
DEX: 13    [+1]      - HtH +5
CON: 14    [+1]      - Mis +3
INT: 12              Armor
WIS: 11              - Scale +4
CHA: 13    [+1]      - Shield +1
Weapon     Type         Attack     Damage
Lance      Hand to hand    +5      1D10 + 2
Battle Ax  Hand to hand    +5      1D8 + 2
Dagger     Hand to hand    +5      1D6 + 2
Dagger     Missile         +3      1D6 + 1
Equipment & Gear
Camping gear and rations for five days
Saddle & tack for one horse
Saddle bags and tack for second horse
-   Chestnut brown stallion trained for battle,
brave and very strong

Beryn Brakefoot:
-    a dappled grey gelding with a proud neck and
   strong legs

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